Underarm crutches

Measure underarm crutches with the patient standing in a secure environment, such as between parallel bars.

Each crutch should extend from a point approximately 4 to 5 cm (two finger breadths) below the axilla to a point on the floor 5 cm lateral and 15 cm anterior to the distal foot.

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Hand piece placement should enable the patient to have a 30-degree resting elbow flexion angle. Less flexion is suitable for the individual who walks by alternating foot steps.

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In an alternative method used to determine crutch height, subtract 40 cm from the patient’s heigh

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or make the crutch equal to 77% of the subject’s height.

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When the person is supine, the crutch extends from 5 cm below the axilla to 5 to 7.5 cm from the lateral border of the heel.

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In the sitting position, the patient can abduct both arms to shoulder level and extend the elbows.

Crutch length is the distance from the tip of the middle finger to the tip of the olecranon process of the opposite arm.

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An adjustable measuring crutch also can be used.

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