Lisfranc injuries

Jacques Lisfranc de Saint-Martin (1790-1847)

  • french surgeon and gynecologist
  • former chief of surgery at a famed Paris hospital
  • field surgeon in Napoleon’s army
  • first described an injury pattern of horse mounted cavalry that had fallen off their horses while their foot remained in the stirrup. These soldiers would require amputation through the TMT joint for the gangrene that developed from this injury. Injuries at this joint now take on this eponym (Lisfranc fracture) due to the location of the injury
  • Myerson’s classification
  • K-wires can be used, especially for the lateral two joints, but may result in loss of reduction if used in the medial and middle columns; 4-mm cannulated or 4-mm standard, partially threaded cancellous screws provide excellent fixation (Campbell 13e)

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