3 Tips for Sounding Like a Native Speaker

  1. Connect words
  2. Squeeze words
  3. Squeeze letters


– Whenever you find a T between two vowel sounds, it’s going to be a D.

  • Water, Butter

– A T between an N, and a vowel gets removed.

  • International
  • Dentist

– When you have an N then a T then a vowel, sometimes it becomes a glottal stop.

  • Mountain
  • or a vowel and double T and a vowel: Cotton, Button

– When you have a T or a D between two consonants it often gets removed

  • Old man
  • Most famous

– Assimilation is huge in American english

  • Did you? -> Didja
  • Don’t you> -> Dontcha

– Intrusion where we insert a new sound

  • He asked -> we insert a /j/ sound
  • R intrusion between vowels (some parts of the United States): Media attention

– Elision where w omit a sound

  • t in the word ‘kept’ when it comes before ‘going’: kept going

– Take any noun you want and make it into a verb and you’ll sound more American

  • Google: Let’s google it.
  • Friend: I can friend you on Facebook.

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